This is critically important to read.

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THE BEST WEBSITE EVER!?? – An Apple A Day… Has Been Open Now For 2+ Months! ;.;

An Apple A Day
Great Ideas With Great Taste – Delivered Twice A Week

(This could be the most important blog you ever read. Imagine opening up your skull, putting an iPad inside, and closing it back up. Yeah, it’s that good…)

(…WHAT? You don’t think it’s that good? Well fine. Be that way.) 

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Define Your Boundaries

I’m going to write my boundaries of the key concepts that I’ve observed in this world. I’ll start with habits. Tomorrow I’ll develop the boundaries of “Purpose.” 

What best are habits to destroy?
  • Coffee
  • Subpar eating
  • Grooming Deficiency
  • Focusing on weaknesses
  • Lack of calling
  • Too much PewDiePie
  • Depending on parents
  • Misorganization
  • Too much consciousness
  • Oral fixation
  • Going at things alone (lack of mentoring)
  • Letting leads die

What best are habits to destroy not? 

  • Actively developing myself
  • Creating an understanding of the mind and hypnotherapy
  • Deep breathing, Trance, and power posing
  • Allowing my Unconscious to winw
  • Using the best questions available
  • Swishing
  • Feeling powerful
  • Looking at people as their highest value or whatnot
  • Experiencing the world in the way that I want to
  • Admiring in awe the world

Let me know if this helps. 

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Accomplish More Using Timeboxing (via Real-Productivity)

I believe this may improve my productivity a billion-fold.

I was planning to use the title “Crush It Using Timeboxing” but it seemed a little combative. Maybe I should have… you are in a battle against time every day. Timeboxing is a time management technique used in rapid application development (RAD) processes such as dynamic systems development method (DSDM) and other agile development techniques. However, the general concept work equally well with non-project efforts and your personal life. The good … Read More

via Real-Productivity

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In this blog I’m going to:

  • Post the latest breakdowns of what I’m learning
  • Post videos of my lastest speeches both to audience and camera
  • Post the latest schedules of my next talks
With the ideas and topics to come, I hope you enjoy the journey along the way. I also ask that my readers be active and participate, so please comment on your suggestions and initial impressions. I appreciate your feedback.
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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