Accomplish More Using Timeboxing (via Real-Productivity)

I believe this may improve my productivity a billion-fold.

I was planning to use the title “Crush It Using Timeboxing” but it seemed a little combative. Maybe I should have… you are in a battle against time every day. Timeboxing is a time management technique used in rapid application development (RAD) processes such as dynamic systems development method (DSDM) and other agile development techniques. However, the general concept work equally well with non-project efforts and your personal life. The good … Read More

via Real-Productivity


About aarondbell

I'm a person experimenting with devoting the massive amount of value that I've accumulated to the wealth of the populations. My knowledge is your knowledge, and when I develop a product, you'll know. I want to make sure that I deserve you, your friendship and beyond, when the time comes. Until then, enjoy the free service and the value; I hope I've contributed well since your first visit.
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2 Responses to Accomplish More Using Timeboxing (via Real-Productivity)

  1. tjtherien says:

    economy of motion… best time management and effort management skill I ever learned…

    • Aaron says:

      Appreciated! This concept helped me learn to draft and edit far better.

      Most importantly, though, Thanks for helping me to learn an important lesson. I linked you to the stale bread by accident (sorry!) instead of the fresh salad (or juicy hamburger), which you can find at the “good,” consistently updated blog: An Apple A Day. (Link).

      P.S. Your posts are well-crafted and meaningful. Your latest Mother’s Day special was powerful.

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